8 Types Of Ferret Colors & Most Common Patterns (With Pictures)(in 2021)

Ferret colors Sable color This is one of the most commonly seen colors in domestic ferrets. Sable-colored ferrets will have the upper guard hairs of their coat in a rich and deep warm brown. Their undercoat will be paler, with tones of white and cream preferred for showing ferrets, but you’ll also see light golden […]

700 ferret names from the top-ranked blog post online!

Below is about 700 ferret names carefully collected from the top-ranked blog post about ferret names and below are the post, feel free to visit them and let them know we sent you. Here are ferrets for sale unlike other sites, we specialize in everything ferrets, we even offer ferrets for sale/adoption. If you are […]

8 Types of Ferret Colors & Most Common Patterns (With Pictures)

Two Ferrets

There’s a great deal of variation in pet ferrets, but they’re all the same breed: Mustela putorius furo. That said, we can see plenty of variation when it comes to each ferret’s coat color and pattern. If you’re trying to figure out what color your ferret is, you’ll first need to identify the color of […]

12 things you must know before buying/adopting a ferret pet

ferret in a denim cap, lying on his back

Having a ferret as a pet is one of the most beautiful things in the world, they are very cute and energetic, similar to dogs they can be very playful with humans and can also be litter trained which is very important to some owners. They love to play a lot, not just with other […]